Roe Valley Ancestral Researchers - Our Purpose

Logo for Roe Valley Ancestral Research

The Roe Valley Ancestral Researchers (RVAR) is a voluntary organisation based in Limavady / Ballykelly (Northern Ireland).

Its main objective is to research local genealogy and the social history of the Roe Valley. The committee hope to record and celebrate the cultural heritage of this area, before any more of it goes out of living memory. The group also want to be able to help individuals from near and far trace their family roots so they too can call the Roe Valley their home!

At this moment we are visiting and recording all the gravestones in the area, entering them onto a database which creates links within families and clans, and this will allow us to have immediate access to previous generations that have lived in the Roe Valley. At present our records comprise of 100 graveyards visited and recorded within the area, each graveyard has had between 500 to 1000 photographs taken - a total of 70,000 photographs are held in our archives.

The Roe Valley is so rich in culture yet many of its visitors do not know this and there is a distinct lack of genealogy tourism information for this area. RVAR's committee is dedicated to involvement with funders and other local researchers / community groups to ensure as much culture as possible is in visible format (written and spoken), for tourists and consequently the Irish Diaspora across the world.

The group members are involved in the compilation of tourist maps and guides, showing some of the many places to visit. There are a number of other local projects which the group hope to start in the near future. We are a member of the Federation for Uster Local Studies. Our logos show our links with various funders and partners. You will see more of this as we evolve. Graveyard tourism is coming into its own!