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3 non-profit organizations coming together to buy a large house (Rascahan) and yard, built around 1860. We have created a community education hub with a community owned museum & tea room. The new hub is a haven for older people (50+) who can access local history & social education programmes, helped by volunteers. We plan to enjoy "Memories & tea" with china tea sets. Record oral local histories from the lovely Roe Valley we live in. We have built a museum to keep local history safe.

Ceres has the Charity North West Lifelong Learning at its core with 16 years of experience in using computers to train all age groups with a special commitment to our older generation. We provide a drop-in centre, tea & memories, time to talk, time to engage with others of the same age, share photos, family stories. We actively encourage the digital collection of "voices" and "faces" from the whole Roe Valley area.

We will leave a legacy for our next generations.